Energy Diplomacy

Energy Diplomacy, unlike conventional diplomacy, is sometimes conducted by individuals other then the country’s diplomats, as was the case when the international oil companies were on the frontline of diplomatic efforts that were able to promote national interests through their privileged relationships with producing countries. It reflects strategic governmental objectives as well as  corporate and business interests, that may be complementary but are not necessarily the same. This leads to the understanding that energy diplomacy is the mechanism through which a nation state fulfils those foreign policy objectives linked to the satisfaction of a country’s energy needs or its energy policy abroad.

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Hidrocarbons, Foreign Policy and Energy Diplomacy - perspectives for Mozambique's Rovuma's LNG development


This article discusses the intersection of a country’s  foreign policy and energy policy on its national interests, an intersection that generates energy diplomacy. Drawing from an historical perspective, looking into the predominance of Oil on the foreign policies of producer and consumer states alike because of its centrality for energy security, as well as the central role played by the international oil companies in energy diplomacy – first on behalf of consumer states and later for consumer states. The article draws from bibliographic and documental sources to analyse Mozambique’s energy diplomacy. By looking at Mozambique’s foreign and energy policies, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ organic statute, the article identifies a worrisome lack of communication between these two key sectors of the country’s external activity, thus recommending the adoption of measures aimed at addressing this issue. 


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About the author

Irchard Mahomed is a lecturer and researcher in International Relations, Public Relations and Marketing. He holds a Master of Arts in Diplomacy, Law and Business, with a focus on Energy Diplomacy and Security. E-mail: [email protected]

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